November Birthstone - Citrine

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Citrine is a variety of Quartz that is considered one of the most precious gemstones of all. It is available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, making it one of the most accessible and affordable gemstones on the market. While it is a stone that’s enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, it carries an even greater significance for those born in November because it is, alongside topaz, one of the month’s designated birthstones.

What is the meaning of citrine?

It is said that citrine is a gift from god. Also commonly referred to as the ‘light maker’, it is synonymous with positive emotions including happiness and joy. It brings light into your life while the crystal’s yellow hues also represent lively energy. The bright emotions are particularly rewarding during the late autumn, providing an extra November birthstone meaning.

The transparent quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, which is also found naturally in the human body. This represents the idea of helping you become one with yourself and appreciate your natural energies. Even though citrine is available in various shapes and sizes, the choice between those is largely a personal preference. The meaning behind the gemstone remains relatively consistent across the board.

What are the different Citrine stone colors?

Citrine gemstones cover a color palette that ranges from light yellows through orange and into light brown. The November birthstone comes in many variants. The most common and popular choices are:

  • Yellow Gems – the citrine gemstones can be light yellow or dark yellow, and will boast an intense color that distinctly omits the orange, brown, and red tints seen in other variants.
  • Golden citrine – the citrine gemstone is a golden color, implicating the addition of good fortune and wealth as well as the other meanings of the gemstone.
  • Yellow quartz – often called lemon citrine or lemon quartz, the gemstone is a citrine with a yellow appearance although it may still boast a hint of the other colors.
  • Madeira citrine – the citrine gemstone of the Madeira variant includes brownish-red jewels as well as orange-red solutions.
  • Palmeria citrine – the Palmeria citrine carries a bold, bright orange color scheme representative of high energy and intense positive throughout November and beyond.

It is possible to find green citrine and other solutions. So, when asking what color is November birthstone jewelry, the answer is that is it can cover a range of shades.

However, it should be noted that natural citrine quartz is very rare. The yellow hues, in this case, occur when traces of iron in quartz crystals surface. Therefore, they are the most expensive version of citrine crystals. Most solutions found in November birthstone jewelry are created through heat treatments, usually to the more affordable purple amethyst and smoky quartz crystals. 

Natural citrine gemstones that have a clear, radiant yellowish to brownish red color are easily distinguished from those that are made through the heat processing. Esthetically speaking, it is very similar to topaz and shares a number of properties with the other November birthstone.

Brazil is the largest exporter of citrine, although several countries across South America, Africa, and Europe do produce it too.

What is the origin of citrines? 

The gemstones have been popular since ancient times, with the Greeks commonly accepted as the first settlement to use it during the Hellenistic Age between 300 and 150 B.C. Meanwhile, the use of the name Citrine can be dated back as far as the late 14th century. Semantically, the name means ‘lemon’ in the French language, which is appropriate given the color palette associated with the birthstone. 

Citrine was once carried by users for protection against snake venom. It was also commonly used to block negative thoughts. In the first century, the Greeks and the Romans both used citrine cabochon gem rings. Later on, Scottish warriors in the 17th century used the gem on their dagger handles. In the 20th century, citrine jewelry was popularized by movie stars throughout the Art Deco era. 

The gemstone is very durable, boasting a rating of 7 (our of 10) on the Mohs scale. This explains why today’s jewelry collections using the November birthstone often include larger pieces too.

Citrine jewelry options

As well as being available in various colors across the yellow-to-brown color wheel, citrine is a versatile gemstone that can be used in many different jewelry items. The November birthstone can be used in the following items;

  • November birthstone citrine rings and toe rings,
  • November birthstone men's citrine rings
  • November birthstone citrine necklaces,
  • November birthstone citrine bracelets,
  • November birthstone citrine anklets,
  • November birthstone citrine earrings,
  • And more.

The citrine gemstone can be cut to very small or slightly larger gems, especially when using those that have been crafted through heat treatments. Lesser quality citrine may be used as beads but the high-quality citrine gemstones tend to be used as centerpieces for the jewelry mentioned above.

Shapes including ovals, circles, squares, and rectangles are the most popular choices for citrine. It can be found in large crystals and flawless gems of all sizes. The hexagonal crystal system and transparency are key features that will be apparent irrespective of the exact product that is selected.

Citrine jewelry as an investment

Given the history, citrine isn’t only the perfect gift for anyone born in November. It is also a particularly good investment. The demand for citrine is unlikely to ever fall while its robustness enables most users to keep their jewelry in great condition at all times. This makes citrine a great option for anyone seeking materials that could bring long-term financial rewards.

The natural gemstones boasting the clear, radiant yellow are an even greater investment as their rarity will make them even more sought-after in the long haul.

Whether you seek citrine jewelry for personal use or a long-term investment, browse our extensive selection of jewelry using the November birthstone to find the perfect solution. All products are crafted to the very best standards, giving you peace of mind as well as a statement piece that you can fall in love with time and time again.