December Birthstone - Blue Topaz, Tanzanite and Turquoise

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Birthstone for December

Blue Topaz - Tanzanite - Turquoise

Blue Topaz stone is one of the world’s most beautiful gemstones. Captivating jewelry wearers across the globe, its regality make it a popular choice for gemstone engagement rings, men’s rings, pinky rings and women’s rings. With an abundance of meanings behind it and a fascinating history, it’s clear to see why so many people are investing in these blue gems.

What is Blue Topaz?

Blue topaz is the most popular color of topaz available. Sold in a wide range of different shades, from pale blue to a deep blue, the variety drives the popularity. Available across the world, it’s primarily found in Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico and Afghanistan.
There are two specific varieties of blue topaz, however. These are known as the London Blue and the Swiss Blue topaz. London Blue is a darker blue that has a moderate tone and saturation – whereas the Swiss Blue topaz is a bright blue color with moderate saturation. 

What The Blue Topaz Birthstone Represents

The Blue Topaz isn’t only the December birthstone (alongside tanzanite and turquoise). It also represents several different things:
  • It’s a symbol of affection and love: which is why it makes such a wonderful gift for a loved one.
  • It represents relaxation and piece: helping those who have frayed nerves or hurt feelings.
  • Historically, topaz was given to promote a restful night’s sleep and protect against terrifying nightmares.
  • Several ancient civilizations believed that the blue gemstones had cooling powers: an example of which being the rulers of Persia.
  • It’s often associated with preventing anger and promoting mental prowess.
  • The blue jewels are frequently said to help with channeling thoughts and perspectives. 
Blue topaz often shares a significant symbol for those who are celebrating their 4th and their 19th marriage anniversary. Often gifted as blue topaz rings, earrings or within a pendant, they are extraordinary gifts that are perfect for remembering a special occasion by.

Meaning of Tanzanite 

Tanzanite and turquoise are alternative choices for a December birthstone. The history of tanzanite is far less than that of topaz, dating back to the mid-19th-century, instead of the topaz which dates back 100’s of years. 
Tanzanite is known as the stone of transformation. Commonly used within metaphysical healing, this beautiful purple blue gemstone is a popular choice for those looking for jewelry that’s vibrant. 

What is The Origin of Blue Topaz? 

The gemstone topaz was discovered over two millennia ago by the Romans on the island of Topazios. Believed to protect the wearers, it became a staple piece of jewelry. In Egypt, it was worshiped by the residents who held it as a symbol of the sun god Ra’s powers.
Referring to the yellow topaz, it’s been a beloved gemstone for thousands of years. The Blue topaz, however, wasn’t discovered until 1969 in Texas. Named the official state gem at that time, it was originally a natural-pale color - unlike the vibrant color that it is today. Now created through an extensive gem treatment, it’s now considered one of the most expensive gemstones available.

Fun Facts About Blue Topaz

  • Naturally formed blue topaz is extremely rare.
  • Topaz produces some of the world’s largest crystals – measuring up to three feet long. 
  • One of the largest topaz stones is located within New York’s Museum of Natural History – it weighs an incredible 600 pounds!
  • It is a very durable blue gem  – making it a great choice for every day as well as special-wear jewelry.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Options

As mentioned above, there are many jewelry options when it comes to blue topaz. These dazzling blue jewels will look incredible in gemstone rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings – whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary or other special occasion.
Matching any outfit, it adds a touch of elegance that other gemstones simply won’t. If you’re looking to pair your blue topaz jewelry with another stone, tanzanite rings or turquoise earrings make an extraordinary addition.

Reasons To Gift Someone Blue Topaz Jewelry 

What it represents

When it comes to gifts, you want to give your loved one a gift that symbolizes all that they have done for you and the affection you have for them. This is where a blue topaz comes in – the perfect choice every time, it symbolizes love and protection.

For Someone Who Is Born in December

As it is the December birthstone, you can’t go wrong with it as a gift. Every time that your loved one looks down at the bracelet/necklace, they will be reminded of you. Personal to their birthday, it’s a wonderful way of commemorating that special date.

A Treasure To Pass Down 

For years jewelry has been used as an heirloom to pass down through generations. And blue topaz is no different. No matter what form it’s in, it’s the ideal gemstone to be passed down to your children, grandchildren or another family member. The perfect keepsake, it will only grow in importance (as well as value) throughout the years. 
Holding a memory, it’s a reminder of their loved one that has passed away. Transcending time, the jewelry will bring a smile to their face for many years to come. Not only is this symbolism a key reason as to why it’s the ultimate gemstone to pass through the generations, but the versatility of the jewelry makes it perfect no matter which family member inherits it.
As long as it’s securely stored and well-maintained, blue topaz can be worn by anyone – who’s wearing any type of outfit. Customized to fit that particular family member, it’s an heirloom that’s unlike any other.

A Promise Ring

Are you looking for the perfect promise ring? You won’t find a gemstone better than the blue topaz, turquoise or tanzanite. Each extraordinary gemstones in their own right, what they represent along with their color and clarity make it a great choice for a promise ring. 

An Engagement Ring 

As aforementioned, a blue topaz make an incredible choice for an engagement ring. The symbol of devotion is ideal for capturing that special moment and will differ from the stereotypical choice of a diamond. Representing your loved one for who they are, along with the promise that you will remain true to them throughout your lives, it’s a magical jewel.