February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst Birthstone


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Amethyst is a purple gemstone, the february birthstone amethyst, once as rare as rubies and emeralds. Although found in greater abundance than these two precious gemstones, it retains its natural beauty and incredible hues. It is the birthstones for those born in the month of February, under the birthstone star sign of Pisces, and is considered the regal stone of birth because of its color. 


Rarity determines the value of amethyst birthstone, and this can be judged by the depth of the color. The deeper gemstones are rarer and therefore carry more value than clearer and lighter purple stones. The natural beauty of a cut amethyst is such that it is a popular stone used in the creation of gemstone diamond fine jewelry designs. 


Most commonly worn by women, there's birthstone fine jewelry for men as well. Jewels can be found in a variety of gold rings, earrings, necklaces, toggle bracelets and other forms of jewelry. The geodes and crystals are also popular with collectors, and the stone is often passed down as an heirloom. 


What Is Amethyst?


Amethyst birthstones are the most highly prized form of naturally forming quartz. It is found inside natural geodes, which look like rocks from the outside but have a cavity filled with beautiful crystals. 


Although very little research has been done into exactly how these geodes are formed, scientists agree that the two step process starts with the formation of a gas cavity in lava. The lava hardens as it cools, but the gas pocket is retained during the cooling process. Not only does this mean that the rock remains hollow, but the cavities fill with a silica rich liquid infused with small amounts of iron. 


After some time, the iron liquid forms crystals, with the iron content giving the amethyst crystals their purple color. The higher the content of iron, the deeper the purple of the amethyst. 


Where Is Amethyst Found?


What country do amethyst come from? Early deposits of amethyst were found in Sri Lanka, India, Germany, and Russia. Traditionally, German quartz was considered among the highest quality, prized for its deep rich color. However, there is no commercial mining of amethyst in Germany today. 


Today, the gemstone is mined in various countries across the world but the most commercial significant deposits are lifted from Brazil and Uruguay. You may also find some samples mined in Madagascar, Finland, and other countries. The majority of commercially available amethyst is mined in Brazil. This is where the best quality crystals are believed to be found, because they have few inclusions but the most desirable color.


Color And Clarity


As with most precious and semi-precious jewels, color and clarity are among the two most important factors when choosing amethyst, especially for the gemstone ring design. Ideally, the crystal should have no inclusions and it should be a deep purple color. Because these are harder to find, they tend to carry higher prices, but the availability of good quality crystals makes this beautiful, stone, highly affordable by today's standards.


What is the Meaning of Amethyst?


The word amethyst is taken in history from ancient Greek and means “not drunken”. The Greeks believed that this rare stone could prevent the intoxicating effects of alcohol and that it would stave off Bacchus, the Greek God of wine and intoxication. 


You can still buy cups and goblets made that are made from amethyst, traditionally crafted because the material would help prevent the drinker from becoming too imbibed from the drink within. More generally, the stone is believed to bring the owner a clear head and can, according to tradition, improve memory and knowledge.


It is the birthstone for the month of February and is considered the stone of love. Lore has it that St Valentine of love wore a ring made from amethyst carved into the shape of cupid shooting arrows of love. 


The Regal Gemstone


Purple has long been considered the regal color. This is because early dyes were expensive to produce, so cloth and materials showed a level of opulence and success associated with royalty. 


Queen Elizabeth I banned anybody but close members of the royal family from wearing the color, and because it is the most popular of gems, and widely considered the most beautiful of all crystals, amethyst was adopted as the regal gemstone. Still today, fine examples of the crystal are found in royal jewelry around the world, as well as in gemstone and diamond designer rings and gemstone birthstone pendant designs. It still features heavily in the British Royal Jewelry collection. 


Healing Properties


As well as the stunning amethyst color, the stone is prized for its apparent healing properties. It can be soaked in water to produce an elixir that improves skin complexion. It was even believed that wearing the gemstone would prevent children from developing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In Chinese medicine it was worn to get rid of bad dreams, further cementing its reputation for promoting a clear mind. This link continues, because the crystal is often used for meditation as it clears the mind and reduces stress and anxiety, allowing one to enter into a meditative state. 


Amethyst News Today


Today, amethysts are still used in crystal healing, for meditation, and to promote a relaxed mind. The name amethyst has even become synonymous with the dark purple color of the most highly prized of these quartz crystals and the birthstone for February.


It represents the 6th wedding anniversary, and you can buy perfect gemstone rings online that are made with care from this highly regarded gemstone, making them an ideal and convenient gift. Shop Gems and Jewels For Less, for a large selection of birthstones and colors. Search for designer amethyst jewelry with unique combinations of citrine and amethyst, yellow and pink sapphire, diamonds, emerald, red ruby, garnet ranging from gem rings, earrings and bracelets. Pendants are extremely popular because of the shape of naturally forming quartz crystals, and all amethyst jewelry can make a great family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next. 

Amethyst Jewelry


Although the find of a massive source of amethyst in Brazil in the early 20th Century saw the value of this precious stone reduced, it is still a naturally forming and beautiful looking variety of quartz. 


As such, and because of its hardness, it remains a featured material in the creation of modern rings, necklaces, and other jewelry to. It is prized for its physical, mental, and emotional healing properties, and it is considered the birthstone for those born in February to protect. Our collection of amethyst pieces, which are made in the USA by master jewelers, means that you can find the perfect gift for a loved one.