Alexandrite Birthstone Month

Alexandrite Birthstone Month June

For those lucky to be born in June, you have two beautiful gemstones to choose from.  Alexandrite and pearl, both gems deserve a blog of their own, and for this blog, we will focus on the alexandrite from Gems And Jewels.

Alexandrite Birthstone Color

Alexandrite is the highly regarded color changing variety of Chrysoberyl. The color of alexandrite changes under different lighting conditions. If viewed in daylight, its color is greenish blue.  If seen in incandescent or candlelight, its color is pink to purple red. Alexandrite is a very rare and highly valuable gemstone and is extremely difficult to obtain due to its rarity.

Another fascinating aspect to alexandrite is that although it is highly pleochroic (displays different colors when viewed from different angles), this characteristic is not what gives the gem its color-changing ability. It is alexandrite's unique light-absorbing and light-reflecting capabilities that cause the change from green to purple. Being both responsive to light switches and strongly pleochroic makes alexandrite a fabulous gemstone to wear in jewelry.

History of Alexandrite Gemstone

Alexandrite discovered in Russia in the early 1800's, named in honor of Alexandar Nicholavich, who was later to become the Russian Czar Alexander II. Legend has it that the gemstone was discovered on the future Czar's birthday and named in his honor, though the factual nature of this is unconfirmed. Slight impurities of the element chromium cause the unique color change habit of alexandrite.  

Alexandrite is a rare and exquisite gemstone with outstanding color-changing properties and is faceted into round, oval and cushion cuts to bring out the best in its color. In jewelry, alexandrite is used in rings, earrings and pendant centerpieces. Alexandrite in large sizes is extremely rare and valuable.

Lab Created Alexandrite vs. Natural Alexandrite – What's the Difference?

Because both natural and lab-grown alexandrite is made from the same material, their physical and chemical characteristics are identical.

Scientists know the conditions under which natural alexandrite is formed, and they imitate those conditions as closely as possible in their laboratories, which is why the finished product is so close to the original.

What Is Lab Created Alexandrite Made Of?

The answer to this one is easy, alexandrite. Lab created and natural alexandrite start with the same makeup and end with the same composition, and that makeup Is beryllium aluminum oxide or BeAlO204.

Since lab created alexandrites share the same chemical and physical properties with natural alexandrites, normal gemological tests for density and refractive index will be of little use to gemologists.

Difference in Hardness/Durability

Alexandrite rates an 8.5 on the Moh's scale, third only to the diamond and corundum, making it very practical for everyday wear. You can wear the alexandrite every day without fear of chipping and cracking. The lab created alexandrite shares the same 8.5 ratings. The fact that it is designed with the same origins as the natural stone makes it no lesser in its ability to withstand wear and tear.

  The alexandrite is also known for its great color change. The difference in the growth process does nothing to take away from its trademark beauty. Lab created alexandrite will exhibit a similar effect as its natural cousin.

To determine a real alexandrite, it takes knowledge and experience.

The alexandrite is such a beautiful stone, and the lab created alexandrite is anything but. It's merely a way of sharing one of nature's charms with more people at a more affordable price. The amount of enjoyment you get out of a lab created alexandrite is a result of the amount of time spent perfecting its creation.

 Nature and science wouldn't have it any other way.

Who Should Wear Alexandrite Gemstone?

The rare color-changing ability of alexandrite makes it a coveted gemstone, especially for those born in June. Yes, alexandrite is the birthstone for this month. When viewed under different lights, it exudes a various change of color due to the "Alexandrite Effect."

Since it is a rare gem, alexandrite is a valuable stone for those who are lucky enough to wear it. Here is the complete guide to wear this fantastic gem with confidence.

Alexandrite Birthstone Meaning

By balancing physical and spiritual energies, alexandrite brings calmness to your mind and soul. Believed to shower immense prosperity and good luck on its wearer. This gemstone can strengthen your self-discipline when you need it the most. Some of the best alexandrite stone benefits are:

  • Excellent for Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity are closely associated with alexandrite stone. It is a symbol of self-esteem and harbinger of fortunes. So, when you lack self-confidence at any point in your life and need a dose of optimism, wear this fantastic gemstone to balance your emotions. It also soothes your spiritual core and strengthens your will power to move ahead.

  • Promotes Love

People who have jaded or scarred love life can benefit from wearing alexandrite. As a strong gemstone, it promotes everlasting joy and romance. It not only leaves positive influences on your emotions but also gives you a new perspective to appreciate people around you. Hence, couples having estranged relationships can heal their differences with the unique properties of alexandrite.

  • Ensures Emotional Healing

Since alexandrite carries a unique ability to balance elements affecting your thoughts and feelings, it can calm down your emotional outbursts with ease. It stimulates the crown chakra to control the energies of love and companionship. When people need to hone their creativity or need a break from their rigid emotions, they can rely on alexandrite to relax their minds.

  • Brings Professional Success

When you are struggling hard in your professional life, alexandrite might be the right solution you need. The Vedic astrology embraces this gemstone for its ability to bring stability in the professional growth of its wearer. It helps to overcome the challenges and clears the mind blocks to promote positive thinking.

  • Offers Protection

Apart from its unique and charming beauty, alexandrite is also known to protect its possessor from all things evil and harmful. By wearing this gemstone, you can defeat your negative emotions and worries. It brings stability to mind and helps people suffering from anxiety to regain their self-confidence—also, alexandrite bonds with lights around you to make a protective barrier against negative and harmful rays.

 Healing Benefits

A gemstone like alexandrite is not only great for astrological benefits but also for curing physical and mental illnesses. It controls hormonal imbalances and reduces the influence of physiological diseases. Alexandrite can regulate digestion in your body by utilizing proteins. It also boosts the process of metabolism and helps to control contraction resulting in neural diseases. It is highly recommended for people recovering from surgery or a chronic illness.

Who Can Wear Alexandrite Stone?

As the birthstone for June, alexandrite is a popular gemstone in both Vedic and western astrological beliefs. Alexandrite's birthstone is also known to by Fridays stone and anniversary stone for the year. Western astrology recommends alexandrite for those born under the sign of Cancer. But, it is also considered a good option for ascendants of Taurus, Virgo, Leo, and Gemini.

How to Wear Alexandrite Stone?

To derive the maximum effects of a gemstone, you can carry it in the form of alexandrite jewelry. Choose a high-quality metal like pure gold or sterling silver to make an alexandrite ring, bracelet, or pendant.  

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