Garnet Birthstone Meaning - What Does it Mean to You?

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Garnet Birthstone Meaning - What Does it Mean to You?

The Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January. It is a beautiful, warm and bright gemstone that has a unique history. This beautiful gemstone was used during ancient times to help heal injuries, predict the future, and even as an aphrodisiac. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the color of the gemstone changed with each year. They would add a stone with the color of the new year in an effort to keep their spirits high through the winter months. This practice became popular throughout Europe, but it soon spread overseas to include parts of Asia, Africa and Australia.

Today, the garnet birthstone meaning is quite the opposite. This transparent gemstone symbolizes prosperity and happiness. The reason for this is that this lovely gemstone reflects what is happening in your personal life. When you place this beautiful stone on any personal item, such as a ring or necklace, it can bring good luck to you and your family.

Many people believe that the garnets we know today came from heaven. The historical information about how garnets were taken says they were originally mined by Native Americans in the Americas. Some of the legends say that the American Indians brought the knowledge of making this gemstone to the Europeans when they crossed the oceans, but it's probably more likely that European settlers learned about this from the Egyptians.

The garnet birthstone meaning of January focuses on the meaning of life. This beautiful gemstone, as well as the other red and blue varieties of this stone, represent vitality, happiness, and joy. When you wear this lovely stone, it can really uplift your spirit and make you feel happier than you have in a long time. The most common way to find this particular pink, orange, and red color is through working the stone on your fingers. The easiest way is with a soft cloth dipped in baby oil or almond milk and gently rubbing the stone onto the skin.

Another great thing about this particular garnet birthstone meaning is that the color represents hope. Hope in a way that it can give us a glimpse into the future and that we need not despair if it doesn't work out like we would have hoped. The hope you feel in this New Year may help you face the challenges of the future with a brave heart and a clear mind. It also represents endurance and persistence. If we don't have the strength of character to persevere, then perhaps hope will not conquer all.

Garnet also represents fertility, which makes it very appropriate for women wanting to get pregnant. The bright red color of this gemstone is a visual signal to your reproductive organs, that it's time to make love. While not the best choice for couples hoping for a baby boy, the deep red color of this garnet birthstone has strong ties to female fertility. When worn on a chain, the garnet will increase sexual attraction between partners. This garnet gemstone birthstone meaning has everything to do with making love and being fertile.

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