Amethyst Engagement Rings Meaning

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The Amethyst has long held a place of honor as one of the most attractive and mysterious gemstones. From the first stone to the present day, its colorful history includes everything from intrigue to mysticism. The Amethyst gemstone, February birthstone, has been the subject of many myths, legends, and even poems. 

What is the Meaning of Amethyst

 Its colorful past holds not only an amethyst engagement ring meaning but much more. One of the more popular amethyst meanings is its association with healing. Healing is one of the reasons that so many people love this gemstone. Amethyst is so sought after today that you can find several color therapy treatments involving the stone's ability to enhance overall health and wellness. Purple Amethyst is mainly well known for its powerful detoxifying properties. Purple Amethyst, used as a spiritual stone, is rich in history, legends, and lore and includes information about healing powers and other transcendental meanings.

Shades of purple

Some also consider purple Amethyst to have piqued its appearance on the world stage. Today it graces the royalty rings, but the deep purple Amethyst's appearance, inspired by intuition. The purple amethyst composition, classified as a "non-precious gemstone." means that purple's quartz shades make a beautiful addition to jewelry. Amethyst jewelry for men has become desired.

Gemstone Meanings

Some of the common amethyst meanings are as follows: Love and faith; the Amethyst engagement ring may be worn as a symbol of faith the Amethyst can signify youth and beauty. The Amethyst can also stand for "prasiolite"... this means "in dust we live." This has been a common spelling of the word by some cultures. There are other meanings, as well. For example, the Amethyst can stand for "decay" and "mind ruin." Amethyst jewelry can be used as a talisman of protection from evil. In some cultures, the green amethyst meaning is that of fertility and childbirth. This would make sense because of the quartz's connection to giving life. These amethyst crystal meanings might be based on the belief that the gemstone ignites specific spiritual qualities that attract one's aura to one's matching personality. It could also be related to the fact that the amethyst crystal reflects more than just the rainbow's colors; it holds many different colors. Also, some believe that the amethyst crystal has a mind of its own and can influence one's emotions and feelings. 


There is no definite meaning to the amethyst crystal meaning; it is up to the person wearing the gemstone to determine what brings them the most joy.